Photo: Brian Cantoni | Cover: REI

Jerry doesn’t need some parking attendant to tell him how to park his massive pickup truck, even if the parking is FREE.

Apparently a parking attendant at Steamboat Resort didn’t get the @JerryOfTheDay memo and as a result was the subject of an altercation that occurred this past Sunday in the Meadows lot. According to the Steamboat Today, a man parked his pickup truck incorrectly and when asked to fix the park job by the lot attendant– things got out of hand. “Fuck that. I’m parking here,” replied the individual according to an affidavit.

A verbal altercation ensued which culminated in the man allegedly taking a swing at the resort employee. The attack supposedly knocked the employee’s sunglasses off his hat. The assailant then grabbed the attendant’s radio before throwing it to the ground and stomping it to pieces.


Following such an altercation, most people would high-tail it out of there but not ‘Jerry.’ He apparently left the car in the lot and was subsequently booted. Upon his return, police confronted the man who admitted to smashing the radio but denied ever hitting the attendant. He was later taken into custody on the suspicion of harassment, criminal mischief and criminal attempt.

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