How Does Marijuana Legalization ffect Skiing In Tahoe?

How Does Marijuana Legalization ffect Skiing In Tahoe?


How Does Marijuana Legalization ffect Skiing In Tahoe?


“It really shouldn’t change much of anything. Legalizing marijuana is not an invitation to come to the ski resort and smoke marijuana. For some reason, people think outdoors sports are different than other sports. Would you smoke pot and play basketball or any other sport where you could really injure yourself if you weren’t sharp?” -Michael Reitzell, spokesman for California Ski Industry Association. 

On either side of the lake (Nevada and California) marijuana consumption is only allowed at private residences, so Tahoe skiers and snowboarders can only legally use their cannabis at home or at a residence where the owner has approved consumption. According to The Reno Gazette Journal, most ski resorts in the nation are at least partially on federal land and marijuana is still illegal on a federal level, so smoking dope on the slopes of Tahoe is doubly illegal….but that hasn’t really stopped anyone in the past.

Mt. Rose thinks about pot the same way they do booze:

“As far as taking increased steps and actively educating people, no, we haven’t really done that. We have a bar on sight, but we don’t actively go out and tell people don’t go skiing if you’ve had this many drinks. You’re responsible for your own actions.”  -Mt. Rose Ski Tahoe spokesman Mike Pierce

But what about injuries caused by stoned skier and snowboarders. How will resorts approach that inevitability? Resort may have to look for the distinct signs that someone injured or causing injury is under the influence of cannabis. Michael Reitzell had this to say:

“Anyone that’s tending to an injury of a guest, they’re certainly going to have to be cognizant of whether someone is under the influence, but we’ve always had to look for that.” 

As far as marijuana legalization being a major draw for skiers and snowboarders to the Tahoe area, you have to remember that Colorado, Washington and Oregon are already weed friendly and have great terrain to match.

“It’s not such a big deal anymore. Although, I hope no one is holding their breath for Utah.” -Michael Reitzell

p.s. if you google pot skier this comes up: 

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….and yes, Tanner Hall is hoping to start his own strain of marijuana and will name it Ski Boss.


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