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Private ski areas are kind of a high falutin deal. The price of admission is astronomical and the skiing better measure up. At Cimarron Mountain Club, a domain that’s bigger than Aspen Mountain, the skiing includes everything from hallway couloirs to perfectly spaced glades and the experience is just that– astronomical

To the uninitiated profane, the dream is as far away as it is close to the reaches of Montrose, CO (just a 25 minute drive away). But since we first posted about this exclusive powder paradise hideaway, the founder has made some slight changes.

“We’re trying to do something completely different from the stereotypical condo experience.” Jim Aronstein, Founder of CMC

With a much deeper view into their own private land as well as the surrounding backcountry, Jim Aronstein is just beginning to see what’s possible. Despite his ambitious development, a massive footprint is the last thing the natural resources lawyer and conservationist from Denver wants. Since its inception, he’s spaced out cabins and created more in-depth rules for development. In the end, Aronstein’s modifications will create a space that’s more about scenery than a scene.

The founder and head proprietor plans to access the terrain at CMC solely through cats. Aronstein never even contemplated a lift due to the impact it would have on the surrounding scenery. “A lift would stare at you year-round,” he says before going on to add that high-speed quads shouldn’t be the draw for those prospective members. “Here, powder is the big draw.”

And with land that backs up to tens of thousands of acres of public land, the terrain is plentiful and exploration is getting started. Just outside the private property on BLM land exists a complex of couloirs” that is nothing short of mind-blowing.

  • Annual Dues — $55-65k
  • Membership — $3.2-3.4 million

As of today, 6 people are committed to memberships at the club, whose initial buy in costs anywhere from $3.2 – 3.4 million. There are 9 remaining memberships. Memberships will also include the a 35 acre lot on which members can build their own cabins, homes, or leave it au naturale and use the lodge instead.

Pending approval, members will be granted access to a luxury base lodge, guest cabins, not to mention a staff chef whose modus operandi is to cook meals that keep you energized no matter how deep the snow. Aronstein hopes the lodge and guest cabin build out will take just two years with member cabin construction starting this upcoming summer.

Find out more here: Cimarron Mountain Club

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Jim Aronstein’s Ideal Day @CMC:

7:30am — Wake up to 15″ of fresh snow

8:00am — Breakfast in the lodge with family

9:00am — Take the cat up for the first run of the day

9:00-12:00am — Ski steep and deep runs until lunch

12:00-1:00pm – Elk Kung Pao lunch at the summit yurt

1:00-3:30pm – Bounce through pow in Castle Cirque

3:30-4:00pm — Drink a beer while riding the cat back to the lodge

4:00-5:00pm – Hot Tub

5:00-6:00pm — Nap

6:00-8:00pm — Relaxed dinner with friends & family

8:00-9:00pm — Look at forecasts, plan where to ski tomorrow

The Uncompaghre | The Family Experience

Castle Peak + Couloirs | The Expert Experience


Mountain Stats: 

  • Average Annual Snowfall – 350″
  • Base elevation- 9,820 feet
  • Summit Elevation- 11,430 Feet
  • Vertical Drop- 1,610 Feet
  • Skiable Terrain- 1,950 acres
  • Number of Ski Runs- 60+
  • Longest Run- Uncompahgre — 2.07 Miles
  • Skiers/day – 19 max

Getting here:

CMC is tucked away in southwest Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, between Telluride and Crested Butte. Surrounded by undevelopable public and National Forest lands, and just south of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, CMC is home to some of the most inspired wilderness experiences in the Country. While CMC feels incredibly remote, it’s just 45 minutes (10 minutes by helicopter) from the Montrose Airport, which offers private aircraft services and seasonal non-stop, commercial flights from Arizona, California, Georgia, Illinois, New York and Texas.

Find out more here: Cimarron Mountain Club

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