How To Make It Snow... According To Superstition

How To Make It Snow... According To Superstition


How To Make It Snow... According To Superstition


If you live in Colorado, New Mexico, or Utah chances are you’ll do anything outside sacrificing your brand new planks to see snowy skies return. More on that later.

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So in order to coax Ullr into returning sometime in the near future, we’ve compiled a list of all the ways to make it snow… According to superstition. These methods work %100 of the time, 10% of the time and should be treated as such.

*Most of the below mentioned superstitions are not sustainable and we highly recommend against creating a ski-fueled bonfire. 

5) Flush all the toilets in the house simultaneously

1,2,3… FLUSH! | Photo: peapod labs

The mystery of simulatenously swirling toilets and their correlation to snowfall is as old as the toilet itself. By flushing all the commodes at the same time, a meteorological phenomenon occurs. Locals refer to this shift in weather patterns as “THE BIG DUMP.” 

4) Ski Bonfire

Samuel L. Jackson burning skis @Telluride with hopes of snow for filming ‘The Hateful Eight’ | Photo: Hateful Eight Facebook Page

Perhaps the most popular superstition on this list is the Ski Bonfire. Popularized by Hollywood’s Quentin Tarantino during the filming of the ‘Hateful Eight’ in Telluride, a group of A-listers burned skis to bring winter back. Besides being bad for the environment, Ullr will not be coaxed into returning via water’s oldest enemy– fire.

3) Furry Snow Dance

In Russia they dress up like ‘Furries’ and dance for snowfall… Not really but maybe? | Photo: Alex “Khaki” Vance

Now this I can get behind. Dress up like a sexually charged furry creature and dance in the snow. Not only does this align with the natural world by mimicking the snowy surroundings but you might get find a furry friend in search of a winter romance. FURRY LOVE!

2) Put a piece of chalk on every windowsill

Snag some chalk from a nearby library | Photo: alkruse24

Skiers love chalk and so does Ullr. By placing a segment of white chalk on each windowsill, winter will see you’re ready for a refresh.

1) Put an icecube on the porch every day until it snows

Seriously, ice cubes. | Photo: Barta IV

Each day, place an ice cube on your stoop or front porch until it snows. When it does, each ice cube will count for an inch. The longer the drought = the bigger the dump.

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