Burton Unveils NASA Inspired Olympic Snowboard Uniforms

Burton Unveils NASA Inspired Olympic Snowboard Uniforms


Burton Unveils NASA Inspired Olympic Snowboard Uniforms


The 2018 U.S. Snowboard Team uniform designed by Burton and inspired by the American space program was debuted yesterday in Burlington, Vermont. PR NewsWire reports this is the fourth consecutive Olympic Games where Burton has had the honor to partner with U.S. Ski & Snowboard to create one-of-a-kind uniforms for the halfpipe, slopestyle and first ever big air snowboarding competitions.  Here’s what Jake Burton has to say about the new uniforms:

“The sport of snowboarding is neither nationalistic nor team-oriented in nature; however, all of that changes for a minute every four years during the Olympic Games. If the global expectations are that U.S. snowboarders represent their country in a uniform, then Burton wants to design and manufacture it. By doing so, we assure U.S. riders that they will have outerwear they can trust to perform at the highest level with a look they have input into and ultimately respect. Simply put, they want snowboarding outerwear, not athletic wear, and who better than Burton to provide it.”Jake Burton, Founder and Chairman of Burton Snowboards

The head designer explains the spacesuit inspired design:

“This is the fourth Olympic uniform that Burton and myself have had the distinct pleasure of working on. Like the previous three which had a retro inspired influence, the 2018 theme is also a heavy nod to Americana, because its main influence is the iconic suits of the United States’ leading space exploration program. I have always loved the astronauts’ suits, because not only do they have such a cool and amazing aesthetic, they also were designed to function under the most extreme conditions, so this gave us an incredible platform to push the innovation and technology of the garments as well. My hope is that these pieces help the athletes go where no rider has gone before.” Greg Dacyshyn, Head Designer of Burton’s Olympic uniform program

U.S. Ski & Snowboard Chief Commercial Officer Dan Barnett had this to say about the partnership: 

“As one of the most recognized global brands in snowboarding, Burton brings tremendous value to our Olympic snowboard team with both its product quality and brand essence. We have very ambitious targets for all our athletes in South Korea. Success at the highest level of global competition comes from acute attention to detail and we know that Burton shares that philosophy. The shared vision Burton has with U.S. Ski & Snowboard and our world class roster of athletes is another of the vital building blocks being put in place to help our athletes achieve the medal targets set for PyeongChang.” -U.S. Ski & Snowboard Chief Commercial Officer Dan Barnett

You can get your own piece of Burton’s 2018 Olympic gear HERE.

 I’ll definitely take one of these beanies:  I’m glad they went with the NASA style uniform over Jake Burton’s preference for spandex:

[images from burtonpress.imagerelay.com]

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