Is Lindsey Vonn Single Again? | Twitter Thinks So...

Is Lindsey Vonn Single Again? | Twitter Thinks So...

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Is Lindsey Vonn Single Again? | Twitter Thinks So...


Poor Lindsey Vonn. First she falls in love with Tiger Woods and then their jam-packed schedules get in the way. Next, she seems to have a budding relationship with a former assistant coach of the LA Rams. Now, even that may be on the rocks.

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All of which has us asking ourselves, ‘is the best skier in the world single and looking for her #1 man?’The clues came as Lindsey tweeted out cryptic messages about loneliness and self worth this past week. Then we noticed her ex-boyfriend, Kenan Smith deleted his Instagram account– @keno_s_.

Following those TMZ-esque revelations, we noticed there hasn’t been any mention of the guy since September 18th and we all know Lindsey likes to shout out her man. Finally, the FIS World Cup season begins this weekend in Solden, Austria and if long distance relationships weren’t bad enough, she’s about to go long distance with a party after every podium.

At Unofficial Networks, we’re big fans of Lindsey Vonn. Hell– if I were still single, I’d kill a gaper just for the chance to go on a date with the best skier in history. Our feelings aside– we hope Lindsey ultimately finds a good dude who can handle her World Cup pace all the while keeping her grounded.

*Or if she’s still in the relationship– we hope they work it out.

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