Jean-Baptiste Chandelier is a wizard with paraglider and his latest edit has him defying gravity across the world. From the French Alps to the coast of South Africa, the Azores islands and the beaches of Brazil, Jean-Baptiste describes his flights like Peter Pan:

“Imagine if you could be weightless in your daily life, flying from place to place, walking on water, skimming over the city and amongst crowds. I want to share this experience with everyone – the childhood dream of being Peter Pan, the ultimate feeling of freedom.”

Big shout out to all the creators on this project. Chandelier was in front of the camera but you can imagine the people following behind are extermely skilled operators as well. Check out their social below:

Jean-Baptiste MERENDET ( Jibehem ): Cinematography & Camera

Guillaume GALVANI: Synch Pilot, Cinematography, Camera

Tristan SHUCinematography & Camera

Read an entire Red Bull article about the project HERE.

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