Classic story of a group of ripping skier in Wyoming hearing tales and seeing footage of a buddy’s ski travels to South America and working hard to save enough money to get down their and experience The Andes for themselves:

“In the Sodeado Peak Series, Episode 1, The search for Sodeado Peak ensues. After quite a long struggle, our crew finally arrives at the mountain and skis the epic spines of Cerro Sodeado. Watch the skiing of Adria Millan, Dorian Densmore, Tait Trautman, Max Mackenzie, Alejo Sanchez and the story of the Teton Valley crew joining Dorian, Millan and Alejo in South America for some skiing.”

….loving the first episode of this new series by the Japanese production group Milk Tea Productions. Great inspiration for anyone on the fence about going to South America to ski. Will be sure to post the rest of these as they come out. 

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