BioLite Has Developed A 'Smokeless' Fire Pit

BioLite Has Developed A 'Smokeless' Fire Pit


BioLite Has Developed A 'Smokeless' Fire Pit


There’s only one bummer when it comes to standing next to an open fire– smelling like said campfire. The BioLite FirePit seeks to remedy that problem.

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By employing a fan system that optimizes combustion, the BioLite FirePit virtually removes all smoke from the equation. Not only does the system eliminate smoke but with 4 separate speeds, the user can control the intensity of the fire from their smartphone.

“When you see smoke coming off of a typical campfire or firepit, that’s unburnt fuel; particulate matter that could have been combusted inside of the fire, but instead it’s getting on your clothes, in your hair, and more importantly, in your lungs (that’s why so many of us get a headache about an hour or two after sitting around a campfire). Think about it this way: if you saw a car driving down the street with a bunch of smoke coming out of its tailpipe you’d think that’s a badly tuned car. Well guess what, smoky fires are badly tuned fires.”

Besides this fire pit being integrated with your smartphone, it also serves as a kickass charcoal/wood grill. Kickstarter contributors will be gifted a solar cover that powers the unit when it’s not in use.

Contribute to the Kickstarter here: BioLite FirePit: See Fire, Not Smoke

Why Buy the BioLite FirePit?

#1: Get an efficient burn with way less smoke than a conventional fire pit

#2: Enjoy the feeling of a 360-degree floating fire with the FirePit’s X-Ray Mesh

#3: Burn charcoal or wood embers for a hibachi-style grilling experience

Bonus: Our Kickstarter backers receive a free Solar Carry Cover ($60 value). Carry to your favorite outdoor spot and seamlessly charge when not in use.

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