Longest Chairlifts in North America

When competing for the title of “Longest Chairlift” in North American a distinction needs to be made. Is the chairlift the longest chairlift by distance or by ride time? To keep things clear, we will provide you with the title holders for both the longest distance as well as the chair that will take you the most amount of time to get to up the hill.

Distance = Slide Brook Express, Sugarbush, Vermont – 11,012 feet

Slide Brook Express has the distinction of being both the fastest and the longest doppelmayr quad chairlift in the world. The lift connects Lincoln Peak and Mt. Ellen at Sugarbush, Vermont. The chair runs 2.09 miles.

The Quad mainly operates on weekends and holidays, but does occasionally during the week. It will also not run if the temperature is below five degrees or during strong winds.

Image: liftblog.com

Time = Burfield Quad, Sun Peaks Resort, BC – 21 minutes

The Burfield fixed grip quad at Sun Peaks Resort takes riders 21 minutes to get to the top. The Burfield Quad is also the 9th longest chairlift by distance traveling 9,510 feet.