Colorado's "Bustang" Ridership Up 52% In Second Year Since Relaunch

Colorado's "Bustang" Ridership Up 52% In Second Year Since Relaunch


Colorado's "Bustang" Ridership Up 52% In Second Year Since Relaunch


Summit Daily is reporting huge gains on the second anniversary of Colorado’s iconic “Bustang” which connects commuters and travelers to and from Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, Vail, Glenwood Springs and more. If you spend any time on I-70 you can either appreciate that any program that decrease vehicle volume is a welcome relief. The Bustang relaunched in 2015 and has been an overwhelming success:

 “New data shows that during the program’s second year of operation, the number of riders grew by more than 50,000 for a 52 percent increase in usage — almost 15,000 on just the west route to nearly 34,000 riders, accounting for a 77 percent jump.”

With the overwhelming success of the relaunch, CDOT intends to increase popular 51-seat, Wi-Fi-enabled coaches including weekend buses to both the north route between Denver and Fort Collins and the south route to and from Colorado Springs starting this Sunday, Aug. 20. Also new specialty services include a Mile High Stadium service for all Denver Broncos home games, as well as a separate student and faculty route from the Colorado State University campus in Fort Collins to Denver. New stops in Grand Junction on the west route and Castle Rock on the south route are also planned in the next year.

“On one hand, it’s kind of crazy it took until 2015 to have a public bus service, especially one along I-70, but now that we have one, people are obviously using it and we’ve seen a huge ridership increase. We think it’s a good sign and shows there’s a clear need and we should continue to expand it.”  -Director of the Colorado Public Interest Research Foundation Danny Katz



·   Stress free: Relax, sleep or multitask while Bustang does the driving.

·   Convenient: Connect easily to Park & Rides and transportation centers.

·   Essential: Appreciate the independence and freedom to travel if you’re unable to drive yourself.

·   Economical: Save on parking, gas, and wear and tear on your vehicle.

·   Choice: Meet up with friends and family without having to drive multiple cars.

·   Comfortable: Ride in climate-controlled coach with WiFi access, bathrooms, USB outlets, power outlets, comfortable seats, and wheelchair access.

·   Safe: Arrive safely with Bustang as your designated driver.

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