OSHA Fines Squaw Valley $20K Over Ski Patroller's Death

OSHA Fines Squaw Valley $20K Over Ski Patroller's Death


OSHA Fines Squaw Valley $20K Over Ski Patroller's Death


Squaw Valley, CA | Photo (+Cover): Rennett Stowe

A California division of OSHA is fining Squaw Valley $20,250 after one of its ski patrollers died in an “explosives related” accident that occurred on January 24, 2017. The patroller, Joe Zuiches was performing avalanche mitigation in the Gold Coast area when he lost his life.

According to MoonshineInk.com, OSHA discovered an “unsafe working condition … associated with hang cord entanglement during hang cord blasting operations.” That particular charge warranted a OSHA fine of $11,250.

A second fine of $9,000 was issued because no other members had visual contact with Zuiches during what is known to be a very dangerous part of the job. The OSHA citation reads, “the employer failed to ensure that all crewmembers maintained visual contact or awareness of physical location of crewmembers during avalanche control activities.” 

Squaw Valley has since submitted an appeal to OSHA. A meeting with OSHA compliance officers will be forthcoming in the next month and if they cannot come to a conclusion, a judge will decide whether the fines are warranted or not.

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