This morning, a Québécois judge found former Canadian ski coach, Bertrand Charest guilty on 37 charges of sexual assault that stemmed from athlete accusations whose ages ranged between 12-19 years-old reports The Toronto Star.

Bertrand was first arrested in 2015 and charged with 57 counts of ‘sexual assault’ and ‘breach of trust’ but was acquitted of 18 of those charges in addition to two other counts of which the judge didn’t have jurisdiction. The assaults in question allegedly occurred in Canada, New Zealand, and The United States during his stint as one of the coaches for the Alpine Women’s Canada development ski team from 1996-1998.

“Alpine Canada recognizes the courage of those former athletes involved in this trial, and we are very appreciative that through their bravery to come forward, justice has been served.” – Alpine Canada

Some of Charest’s victims told the court that while they believed they were in love with their coach at the time, their relationship with the accused was one based on manipulation. One victim who was 15 years old at the time of the incident, told the court that she was taken to a clinic to get an abortion by Charest and that he even started buying her contraceptives after the surgery.

Charest admitted to multiple sexual encounters but continues to argue they were consensual in nature.

Find the entire Toronto Star article here: Ex-ski coach Bertrand Charest found guilty on 37 charges in sex trial

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