10 Things Ski Bums Take For Granted

10 Things Ski Bums Take For Granted


10 Things Ski Bums Take For Granted


Avy danger ratings should not be taken for granted | Photo (+Cover Photo): Barclay Idsal

10 Things Ski Bums Take For Granted

  • Their college degree

Nothing says, “I’m perfectly suited for this serving job” than a resume with a Master’s degree in Geology.

  • Ski patrol

Ski bums bitch when the GNAR stays closed but they can’t stop thanking ski patrol when they break their tib/fib and need a ride down the hill.

  • Happy Hour

If it weren’t for happy hour, ski bums would neither get laid nor drunk– A sad scene indeed.

  • Tourist Dollars

Tourist dollars fuel ‘the dream’ that ski bums claim they’re so committed to. In fact, tourists are the only ones committed to spending buku dollars at anything besides sunset happy hour.

  • White privilege

Let’s be real– skiing is not the most diverse of sports. Most ski towns in North America boast a homogenous mix of white heritage that is akin to whole milk. And while these caucasian residents might bitch about their ski pass being over $1k bucks, they’re still white and ski town life ain’t that hard.

  • Minimum wage

If it wasn’t for minimum wage, some ski areas would pay their employees with a season pass and that would be it. Thankfully– they get a measly $7.25/hr for washing dishes at the main lodge in addition to unofficial shift meals and a season pass.

  • Shop beers

Even if you don’t work in a rental shop, all ski bums benefit from shop beers at one point or another. Every little bit of beer counts, right?

  • Lasting relationships

This one should be self-explanatory. Skiing Powder>Physical Intimacy

  • DIN settings

“Just crank ’em up to 16– I’ll be fine.”

  • The summer

Early on in a ski bum’s lifespan, he or she forsakes all summer activities and instead just sits on the couch watching ski porn and thinking about the first snowfall of the season. Years later that they’ll rue the folly of their flip-flopless summers.

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