Temperature inversions are cooling down the lower mountain giving Squaw the opportunity to extend operations on The Mothership. The following announcement is from Squawalpine.com:

“This is already the longest into the year that KT-22 has EVER stayed open. In the 2010-11 season, KT-22 operated through May 8. It’s now May 22 and there’s still more time to lap the beloved Mothership. Squaw Valley ski patrol and mountain operations have decided to keep spinning KT this week and hopefully through the weekend, as conditions allow. The decision was made because not only is the spring skiing on KT awesome right now, but temperature inversions also started this week. This means better freezing on the lower mountain at night and therefore better skiing!”

Love that they included this little disclosure:

“Please note: KT-22 and the Mountain Run may stay open through the weekend, but walking may be required over a couple patches of dirt.”

….or play connect the dots and bomb the grass patches.

Operations on Granite Chief and Headwall are closed for now as mountain ops focuses on KT but will be reassessed after the weekend:

“Granite Chief and Headwall are currently closed as patrol and operations staff have been relocated from those zones to operate KT-22. Once KT closes, our crews will assess conditions on Headwall and Granite Chief and re-open if conditions allow. However, creeks caused by snowmelt have formed at the bottom of Granite Chief, and are growing. This may affect operations so stay tuned for further updates this weekend!”

Here is the lineup of lifts that will be operating over the weekend:

  • Aerial Tram
  • Funitel
  • Gold Coast
  • KT-22
  • Bailey’s Beach
  • Big Blue
  • Mountain Meadow
  • Shirley Lake
  • Siberia

***If park skiing is your cup of tea, you will be pleased to know the e 22′ Super Pipe off Gold Coast will be open through Memorial Day weekend, and possibly longer if conditions allow.  Also the Gold Coast Park and Mainline Park are open daily.

With this amount of terrain available and no confirmed closing date, its hard to dispute Squaw’s claim to be the “Spring Skiing Capital.” Remember your sunscreen!!!

[Images from Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows Facebook]


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