Dry-Slope Company On Mission To Promote "Urban Skiing Movement"

Dry-Slope Company On Mission To Promote "Urban Skiing Movement"


Dry-Slope Company On Mission To Promote "Urban Skiing Movement"


Not a bad idea if you’re billion dollar ski resort company to set up a little dry-slope in the center of feeder city to promote the sport. It wouldn’t be a one time cost but I’m thinking a turf little hill like this would have minimal running expenses. Here’s how Neveplast pitches it:

“The alpine skiing centers in the city have an enormous advantage in that they are open year round, in all climate conditions, and that they are easily reached by a large number of people.”

Can’t argue with foot traffic but I wonder what the conversion rate for lift ticket buyers would end up being:

“More and more mountain staff realize the importance of these slopes as important vehicles for promotion, for creating a new user base, and for bringing more people into the world of skiing and the mountains.”

Anyway, food for thought. If you are interested in know more about the company behind the video please go HERE.


Neveplast’s mission is to realize ski slopes made from synthetic materials that guarantee the sensation of skiing and snowboarding on a layer of compact snow. On Neveplast you can practice the winter disciplines of downhill Nordic skiing and snowboarding anywhere while using normal ski equipment without the risk of damaging your gear. With Neveplast, skiing or learning to ski in the city is no longer a dream as it can be used in any period of the year, in any available space. Together with Neveplast experience the emotion of skiing…. anywhere. Neveplast always tries to anticipate the needs of the market creating successful products that are a benefit to their clients and the people who use them.
Snow has always been the element that Neveplast is compared to and it is also what has been used for researching and developing new products. The adaptability and the technology contained in a mantle of Neveplast gives the company the possibility to realize new and exciting concepts in a wide variety of sports and entertaining amusements. Neveplast is a product of a thousand uses.

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