Street Snowboarding Legend Jeremy Jones Seriously Injured In Utah Backcountry

Street Snowboarding Legend Jeremy Jones Seriously Injured In Utah Backcountry


Street Snowboarding Legend Jeremy Jones Seriously Injured In Utah Backcountry


17394024_1484780508-0856_funddescriptionOne of the most influential street snowboarders in of the 2000’s, 41 year old Jeremy Jones, is recovering after a serious accident in the Utah backcountry left him with multiple broken bones in both legs, requiring a helicopter ride to the hospital. Thankfully he is getting the medical attention he needs but is on the hook for a massive medical bill that will include the life flight. There is a Campaign set up to offset some of these expenses.

To be clear, there are two incredibly talented professional snowboarders named Jeremy Jones and they come from very different sides of the sport. The Jeremy Jones injured yesterday is a street specialist and the other Jeremy Jones is a big mountain guy who owns Jones Snowboards.

Here’s the blurb from the Campaign:

“On Wednesday January 11th, legendary freestyle snowboarder Jeremy Jones of Salt Lake City was in a snowboarding accident in the Utah Backcountry.  As a result Jeremy suffered multiple broken bones in both of his legs and had to be Life Flighted to the nearest hospital to undergo emergency surgery.  Usually Helicopter Rides and Snowboarding mean good things. This particular ride was good in that it got Jeremy the medical attention he needed quickly but the Heli ride and the injury have also brought enormous unexpected and unplanned expenses. “


“Jeremy’s influence and impact on the snowboard community and beyond is hard to capture in a few words.  His 20+ year career as a professional is filled with Progression, Innovation, and Style.  A dedicated ambassador to the sport, role model for both young and old, and a committed family man, Jeremy Jones now needs our help.  Now is your chance to support a true legend and give back to someone who has given so much to the sport and lifestyle of Snowboarding.  Please donate what you can to help Jeremy get back on his feet.”

The entire snowboard community is rallying around Jeremy. I saw Pat Moore personally donated $500 to his GoFundMe and encouraged others to support him in this instagram post.

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