ullrhotos-sdn-011417-13-6Unbeknownst to most of the world, the towns of Breckenridge, Colorado and Park City, Utah are in an absolute heater of an arms race to own the record for world’s longest shot-ski according to The Summit Daily. Over the weekend, The Breckenridge Distillery reclaimed the crown from The Wasatch Brewery and brought it back to Colorado.

The record setting synchronized drinking feat took place during Breck’s annual Ullr Fest.  The 4 day celebration dedicated to the Norse god of snow brought out an incredible 1,234 people to drink from the 1,997-foot shot-ski, breaking the previous record of 1,191 people set in Park City, Utah, in 2016.

While the Wasatch Brewery served up beer in their record breaking shot-ski, Breckenridge Distillery went with the hard stuff in the form of cinnamon whiskey (which is more in line with how a shot-ski is traditionally used in field).

Breckenridge participants simultaneously drank 1,234 ounces of Hot Box Mountain Shot (66.6 percent alcohol by volume) and collectively re-secured the title.  Congratulations Breck!screen-shot-2017-01-18-at-1-20-16-pm

video from The Wasatch Brewery record setting shot-ski back in October:

[image from summitdaily.com]

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