7 Gifts You Can Buy At The Gas Station [Garage Grown Gear]

7 Gifts You Can Buy At The Gas Station [Garage Grown Gear]


7 Gifts You Can Buy At The Gas Station [Garage Grown Gear]


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Photo Credit: Kevin M Klerks

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If you’re stuck in a bind this Holiday season, have a look around your local gas station. You never know what you’ll find.

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Our founder Amy is a pay-at-the-pump gal and was pretty skeptical when I told her everything I want for Christmas can be found at the Evergreen Phillips 66 in Victor, Idaho. So for Amy, Santa, my wife and every other poor sap scrambling for last-minute gifts, I give you this list of great holiday shopping ideas courtesy of your local gas station.

I debated whether to save this for last but, heck, let’s start with the best gas station gift out there … beer!

Cold Beer


OK, maybe it’s all my years as a fishing guide, but I buy beer wherever I can get it. In rural Idaho that means picking up a tall boy while filling up your tank. And, let’s be honest, what rugged, outdoor lovin’ dude out there doesn’t want beer under the tree? Like my Dad says …  “My two favorite types of beer are cold and free.”

Gift Cards


Yeah, gas station gift cards are a thing. It’ll take $50 to fill up the ol’ truck, Grandma.

Kinco Gloves


Gloves are like skis … you should have a quiver. You need gloves for skiing (think our best-selling 4-Season Give’r Gloves) and gloves for all those dirty jobs, like changing the oil or a flat. Bottom line: you can never have enough gloves, so grab a couple extra from the gas station.

WD-40, Oil, Road Flares, Washer Fluid, Etc.


Need I say more? Just give me a box full of this stuff and I’ll put ‘em to good use. Pro tip: keep a road flare in your backcountry ski pack. Even an idiot with an arm load of wet branches can start a fire with a road flare.

Red Bull


Photo Credit: Alex Garcia

Red Bull is a tool, just like WD-40 and work gloves. You don’t need it every day but eventually – on a long drive or after a crushing trail run – it’s going to be a life-saver.



This is the ultimate thoughtful gift. “Hey Dad, Merry Christmas, I filled up the propane tank for your BBQ.”

And so much more …


I mean, I can go on and on … sunglasses, hats, souvenirs, Subway gift cards (yeah Evergreen has Subway in there too), beef jerky …

*Well, now you know how easy I am to shop for, but I’d be willing to bet I’m not alone. Lots of us want in on some gas station bounty.

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