SKIER GIFT PICK: Bottle of ULLR The Nordic Libation ($21.49)

SKIER GIFT PICK: Bottle of ULLR The Nordic Libation ($21.49)


SKIER GIFT PICK: Bottle of ULLR The Nordic Libation ($21.49)


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For the skier that has it all or the skier that has nothing but likes to drink. The ULLR® 750ml could be a stand alone gift or the 50ml shooters would make excellent stocking stuffers. Its a 90 proof liquor with unique combination of peppermint and cinnamon.  Prices may vary depending on region but I found a 750ml for $21.49 at The Liquor Store and Wine Loft in Jackson Hole.

“He is god of snow, Son of Sif, step-son of Thor—he is ULLR®, the norse god of skiing. He is so fierce a bowman and ski-runner that none may contend! Just as it is good to invoke his name in duels, it is appropriate when you start a run, go off a kicker, or attack steep moguls. He is who you pray to for snow when the mountains are bare and pay homage to with libation at the end of a day on the mountain.

The unique combination of peppermint and cinnamon in ULLR® encapsulates the winter sports experience. Clear as melted snow, it starts out with a bracing peppermint flavor, but melts into a warm cinnamon finish. ULLR® can be enjoyed in a variety of ways—in hot chocolate, in coffee, or on the rocks, but it really shines served ice cold and straight up, preferably right out of the snow.”screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-9-33-24-amullr_750ml ullr_50ml

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