Aspen Lawyer Suing Snowboarder Following Collision

Aspen Lawyer Suing Snowboarder Following Collision


Aspen Lawyer Suing Snowboarder Following Collision


Aspen's 4 Resorts | Photo Credit:

Aspen’s 4 Resorts | Photo Credit: AspenSkiingCompany | Cover Photo Marcin Wichary

If you’re going to run into someone on the ski slopes, just make sure it’s not a higher powered defense attorney.

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One snowboarder is learning that lesson first hand after being served with a lawsuit following a crash between himself and an Aspen lawyer/skier reports The Aspen Times.

The lawsuit claims that local attorney Beth Krulewitch was skiing uphill when she stopped to adjust her bindings. It was at that moment the snowboarder in question came crashing into Krulewitch. The suit goes on to illustrate how the lawyer subsequently double ejected from her skis and ultimately sustained what the suit refers to as, “contusions and three severed tendons.” 

The bodily and mental harm sustained in the collision could be permanent.

The collision brings up an important issue of uphill safety as ski touring at ski resorts across the country continues to grow in popularity.

Find the entire Aspen Times article here: Aspen attorney sues over Snowmass ski crash

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