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After 5 years of perfect attendance, one secondary student in the UK is having a revelation of sorts after realizing that his accomplishment was trumped by a desire to shred.

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According to The Daily Mail, Brighton student Sam Stannard was promised an iPad for perfect attendance but was instead given a fountain pen for his monumental achievement. His response? I should have gone skiing.”

The feeling when you realize you should have been skiing.

Turns out, the model student missed out on a recent family ski holiday in order to garner what would become a perfect attendance record. But when Sam realized all he would be receiving was a fountain pen and printed certificate, he remained surprisingly calm. Stannard maintained that the contest was far but in retrospect, he would have missed class and gotten some turns instead of going for 100% classroom attendance.

Find the entire Daily Mail article here: ‘I should have gone skiing’: Boy, 16, who hoped to get an iPad after finishing school with a perfect 100% attendance record for FIVE YEARS is awarded a PEN instead