In what was one of the most viewed Facebook Live streams of all time, GoPro just released its new tech offerings that include its keynote piece– Karma.

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The new drone includes what GoPro CEO Nick Woodman refers to as “Hollywood caliber stabilization” in addition to being extremely compact and more user-friendly than its predecessors. The Karma system is compatible with Hero4, Hero5 Black, and Hero5 Session cameras. The drone itself is extremely light at 35.5 oz and has an operating range of up to 3,280 feet. The flight time on the battery is estimated at 20 minutes.

@JamieAnderson buttering while wearing the Karma Case
@JamieAnderson buttering while wearing the Karma Case

The main reservation we have concerning Karma is the Backpack. While it houses the drone seamlessly, that’s all it does– leaving a huge gap between the drone and actual the activities the users hope to capture. For instance, for backcountry skiers, where do we put the shovel, probe, and first aid kit?


5 Things We Noticed About Karma

  • Stabilizer located in the front (propellers out of the view)
  • Collapses easily into the Karma backpack
  • Stabilizer adapts to GoPro mounts
  • Flight simulator included
  • Live streaming through GoPro’s Passenger App

Karma Pricing

Karma Drone- $799 

Karma + GoPro Session – $999

Karma + GoPro Hero Black – $1099

Find out more here: GoPro Karma