Photo Credit (+Cover Photo): Red Mountain Resort Facebook Page
Photo Credit : Red Mountain Resort Facebook Page | Cover Photo: Red Mountain Resort

3 weeks ago, Red Mountain Resort launched an edgy crowdfunding campaign titled “Fight The Man, Own The Mountain.”

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Geared towards skiers and snowboarders, not destination tourists, the campaign’s goal of keeping Red Mountain Resort intact for future generations shredders is undeniably noble but many continue to wonder, “will it work?”

Turns out it’s working– big time.

In just three weeks the campaign generated approximately $3.8 million dollars via the crowdfunding website, StartEngine. So far, 987 people have reserved roughly $3.9 million in Red and the interior BC resort is well on its way to capturing its goal of $10 million by the end of the fiscal year.

“The skiers and snowboarders have spoken. Independence matters to them. RED matters.” – Howard Katkov, Red Mountain Resort CEO

Once that goal is reached, Red Mountain Resort will formally make an offering with the SEC in which people can buy shares of the ski area in what CEO Howard Katkov refers to as “Shred Equity.”

Make a reservation here: Fight the Man. Own the Mountain.