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The Culprit | Photo Credit: Dank Depot | Cover Photo: Carlos Gracia

Ever eaten a little too much brownie and ended up alone in your bedroom with paranoid thoughts swirling in your head?

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Well that’s a hell of a lot better than paying the approximate $1,000 it costs to go to the ER. According to a recent study completed by the New England Journal of Medicine, ER visits are becoming more and more common amongst tourists binging on THC-laden edibles.

“The rate of ER visits possibly related to cannabis use among out-of-state residents doubled from 85 per 10,000 visits in 2013 to 168 per 10,000 visits in 2014, which was the first year of retail marijuana sale.”New England Journal of Medicine

The study shows that red-eyes tourists are much more likely to end up in the ER compare to the cannabis-loving and cannabis-conditioned Colorado locals. The health-related complaints include everything from a raised heart rate to extreme anxiety and paranoia. However, these symptoms are hard to treat. Most patients are given an anti-anxiety medication, fluids, and are ultimately sent on their way to self-treat a wicked case of the munchies.

*Just don’t call 911 when you’re high…

Find the entire study here: Marijuana Tourism and Emergency Department Visits in Colorado

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