The Ski Instructor Who Murdered Romantic Rival Gets Life In Prison

The Ski Instructor Who Murdered Romantic Rival Gets Life In Prison


The Ski Instructor Who Murdered Romantic Rival Gets Life In Prison


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Ski instructors, love affairs, and murder are sweeping the British headlines today after the honorable Justice Turner sentenced Chill Factore ski instructor Sarah Williams to a 30-year life in prison sentence. Meanwhile her accomplice, Katrina Walsh will serve a minimum of 25 years behind bars for helping in the murder of Sadie Hartley.

The murder, which occurred back on January 14th, included Sarah Williams using a 500,000 volt stun gun to incapacitate Ms. Hartley before stabbing her approximately 40 times. Sadie Hartley would later die from the injuries sustained in the attack. The attack was spurred by a jealous Williams, who had previously broken off relations with fellow ski instructor Ian Johnstone reports The Daily Mail.

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While Johnstone said he broke off sexual relations with Sarah Williams months before the attack, he admitted to exchanging sexually charged text messages with his fellow ski instructor and love interest just days before the murder.

“I am in no doubt that her murder was planned and rehearsed down to the finest detail.”The Honorable Justice Turner

In a swift and resounding conviction, Justice Turner told the accused, “Neither of you have shown the slightest remorse… let no-one believe this was a crime of passion. It was a crime of obsession, of arrogance and of barbarity, but above all a crime of pure evil.”

Ian Johnstone later lamented his actions saying he’s sorry for his actions and would never have sent those messages if he had known what the end result would entail. Johnstone and Williams initially met at the Chill Factore ski complex in Manchester.

Find the entire Daily Mail article here: Ski instructor and accomplice are jailed for life for murdering love rival Sadie Hartley

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