A family that recently moved to Colorado woke up to a find a bear trapped in their car Thursday morning around 8 a.m. David Meurer spoke with News 9 Denver and had this to say about the shocking discovery:

“And then I saw breathing. Almost like heavy fog. And I was like, Oh, it gets kind of humid in the mornings. It was just like heavy panting, then I kind of heard a growl and then I realized there was a bear inside.”

The bear had entered his wife’s vehicle through an unlocked door,

“I sprinted back inside and I woke Shaylee up and the kids automatically woke up and they were afraid because I was kind of like, hey, there’s a bear and I was trying to be calm and quiet, but at the same time, I was like this is insane. At first it was kind of, just kind of cool.”

Meurer opened the door armed with pots and pans and released the bear.  It was then he had a realization:

“Once I opened it and realized that this is what I was looking at, well, then I realized I hope my insurance covers it.”

Welcome to Colorado! We hope your insurance covers animal break ins. bear damages car bear damages car bear damages car bear damages car

[images from New 9 Denver]