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Forecast, outlooks, predictions, everyone wants to know who is going to get snow this upcoming winter. To help in our projections, the National Weather Service has just released their long range forecast for the winter of 2016 – 2017.

The good government scientists are predicting that the upcoming winter will be strongly affected by La Niña conditions. As you can see in the precipitation forecast maps below, this would mean that, in general, the mountains and ski areas in the northern half of the United States will see more favorable ski conditions than ski areas to the south. The ski areas in the PNW and in the Northeast could see big winters with copious amounts of snowfall.

la-nina-31United States Weather Overview For Winter 2016 – 2017


  • Cold: Northern Plains, Upper Midwest, New England, New York state, West Coast
  • Warm: Southern Plains, Southeast


  • Wet: Pacific Northwest, Bitterroots (western Montana/Idaho), parts of the Ohio Valley, Tennessee Valley
  • Dry: Southern Plains, Gulf/Southeast coast including Florida, Southern California, Desert Southwest

Precipitation Forecast: Winter 2016 – 2017

October, November, December 2016

Oct Nov Dec


December, January, February 2016 – 2017

Weather Forecast Map For Winter 2016 - 2017


February, March, April 2017

Winter Weather Prediction Map From NOAA

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