VIDEO: GoPro's Best Line BIKE Contest Returns ($15,000 Purse)

VIDEO: GoPro's Best Line BIKE Contest Returns ($15,000 Purse)


VIDEO: GoPro's Best Line BIKE Contest Returns ($15,000 Purse)


Best Line Bike Contest

GoPro just announced the return of it’s Best Bike Line Contest hosted by The contest runs from July 1st to Nov 30, 2016 with a grand prize of $15k.  There are also monthly winners so submit when you can.  Loved this format over the past few winters, lets hope the bike submissions are half as entertaining!

Here is what Pinbike has to say about the contest:

“Submit your stunning, technical, or just plain rad raw, unedited one to two minute GoPro clips and you’re eligible for the $15,000 grand prize.  Judges will select the 10 best edits from each month. The Pinkbike audience will vote on these 10 and the edit with the most votes, takes home the first prize of $1200, the second prize $800 and the third wins a sweet GoPro Hero4 black edition. At the end of the five months, all top 3 monthly edits will go into a bracket challenge and an overall winner will be selected. Whoever makes it through to the end will take home $15,000 in cold hard cash. Will it be you?”
Judging Criteria:
  • Composition and framing (25%)
  • Perspective and Degree of Difficulty of Shooting (25%)
  • Performance and Style (25%)
  • Overall Beauty and Lighting (25%)

Screen shot 2016-06-30 at 9.35.46 AM

Here are the highlights from last year’s contest for inspiration:

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