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Floyd Landis | Photo Credit (+Cover Photo):  Graham Bensinger

Once a Tour de France champion, one of cycling’s most controversial characters is coming out of doping darkness to sell what my grandfather referred to as dope, weed, or left handed cigarettes.

But having been banned from cycling, what’s Floyd Landis to do?

That’s right, the former US Postal Team cyclist who admitted to doping and pointed fingers at the likes of Lance Armstrong among others is getting into the weed game reports The embroiled cyclist is planning on releasing a series of edibles and vape products that will focus on giving athletes, namely cyclists, faster recovery times without having to rely on opiate-based painkillers.

“The uniquely formulated vape and edible products are crafted for an enhanced consumer experience and are carefully prepared by licensed pharmacists to maximize the many health benefits of recreational cannabis.” – Floyd’s Of Leadville Press Release

That said, we’re a little suspect as to the product’s integrity after the guy lied about doping for years, got convicted of wire fraud, and was later caught hacking into an anti-doping lab’s computer system.

Landis accused Armstrong of doping during the 2002 and 2003 seasons | Photo Credit: Ciclismo Italia

A launch party is set for Thursday, June 30th. The party will take place at 7pm in Club Vinyl of Denver CO. You can RSVP by emailing

Find the entire article here: Floyd Landis starts cannabis product business in Colorado

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