Vail's $25 Million Summer Investment Gets Forest Service Go Ahead

Vail's $25 Million Summer Investment Gets Forest Service Go Ahead


Vail's $25 Million Summer Investment Gets Forest Service Go Ahead


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Gone are the days of lost revenue among ski resorts in North America. In an era of P+L sheets, ROI, and projected annual growth, Vail Resorts is taking the bull market by the horns and turning its summer assets into profits.

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On Tuesday of this past week, Vail came one step closer to realizing its summer dreams after Forest Service officials approved a $25 million dollar plan to enhance summertime opportunities at Colorado’s largest ski area. According to the Denver Post, new summertime amenities will include zip lines, a mountain coaster, new trails, and a myriad of environmentally-directed educational opportunities.

“We are grateful for our continued partnership with the U.S. Forest Service leading to this positive change that will benefit our economy and our mountains.” – Chris Jarnot, Vail Resorts COO (*Quote Courtesy of The Denver Post)

Those educational opportunities are the result of a blossoming partnership between Vail Resorts and the Nature ConservancyIn a recent press release, the Nature Conservancy expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership saying, “Together we’re developing science-based information and activities that will foster a better understanding of how healthy forests help keep water sources clean and secure.” Vail Resorts hopes the project will be completed by summer of 2017.

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Proposed Improvements

  • Ziplines in Game Creek Bowl
  • 3,700′ Alpine Coaster
  • Downhill and cross-country bike trails
  • Nature Conservancy Sponsored Education Centers
  • Hiking Trails

Find the entire Denver Post article here: Forest Service approves Vail’s $25M summer development plan

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