Jumbo Glacier Resort Has Officially Been Stopped

Jumbo Glacier Resort Has Officially Been Stopped


Jumbo Glacier Resort Has Officially Been Stopped


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The Canadian Government has officially stopped the massive Jumbo Glacier Resort project in British Columbia, Canada. Jumbo Glacier Resort would have been not only the largest ski resort in North America, but also the only ski area to be open year round.

Jumbo Glacier Resort cannot continue their project due to their Environmental Certificate expiring on October 12, 2014. The Act required that the holder of the EAC must have “substantially started the project” which Jumbo Glacier Resort had failed to do. Without this certification, the resort cannot continue their project and would have to start the permitting process all over again. The decision to stop the resort development came down on Friday from Canada’s Minister of the Environment, Mary Polak.

Jumbolake004An environmental group who has been fighting the development, Jumbo Wild, has made the following statement:

“Today, the BC government announced that the Jumbo Glacier Resort’s Environmental Certificate has expired. Charged with making a determination as to whether the project had been substantially started after 10 years, Minister Polak concluded that it had not been. What does that mean? That the project no longer has an Environmental Certificate and cannot proceed.” – Jumbo Wild on June 19th, 2016

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