Travertine terraces | Photo Credit: Nando Stoecklin | Cover Photo: NPS

While Yellowstone is known for its wildlife and pristine environment, a non-stop flow of clueless tourists continues to plague one of the United State’s most valuable national treasures.

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According to a NPS press release, a Chinese tourist is facing a $1,000 fine and $30 court fee after stomping through the delicate travertine crust formations surrounding Liberty Cap of Mammoth Hot Springs thermal area in order to collect thermal water. The incident, which occurred on Tuesday, was witnessed by another visitor who photographed the incident.

“Hot springs have injured or killed more people in Yellowstone than any other natural feature. Keep your children close and make sure they understand the danger posed by boiling water.”NPS

The culprit claims that they did not see the signs prohibiting people from leaving the boardwalk and admitted to collecting thermal water.