Ski India 3$17.50 is a small price to pay for shredding on another planet | Photo Credit: Ski India

While skiing has produced some weird shit over the past century (see: Apocalypse Snow, Ski Man, and Hansi Hinterseer’s 2013 Smash Hit Ski-Twist), India is taking things to a new level. In a new Sci-Fi themed, indoor ski area located in a Delhi mall, the ski culture is India has officially gone full bizarro.

Pictures on the Ski India website illustrate a galactic struggle for sickest skier in the galaxy and the design makes us wonder– should GNAR make its way to Asia in the coming future?

Short answer– YES

So far, the website indicates that a day ticket to the slopes of this frozen planet runs just $17.50 and includes tubing, ice skating, and skiing.

[sigallery id=”8NYdpPmHUw5MYfBZNbLGpW” title=”Ski India’s Sci-Fi Ski Slope” type=”sigallery”]

About Ski India

Ski India, which started its journey in December 2014 for development of it´s concept by designer ATELIER ARCH INDIA – the only theme design and development company in India, has started its construction in January 2015.

The project which is inspired by the Sci-Fi Technology is set to deliver the biggest themed snow and ski park of India at DLF Mall of India, Noida.The concept is to provide the guests a detailed replication of a snowy ski resort with adventurous ski ride, tubing, toboggan, bob sledge, penguin shows, carousal, ski of various gradients and flat snow play area.

This unique family entertainment destination is planned to be user friendly by maintaining the internal space dome temperature of -10°C to -15°C for the freezing snowfall experience.

Find more information here: Ski India

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