This App Allows You To Find Your Friends On The Trail Map!

This App Allows You To Find Your Friends On The Trail Map!


This App Allows You To Find Your Friends On The Trail Map!


Ever since I was a little kid, my eyes have spent countless hours scanning ski area trail maps in search of the secret nooks and crannies of each individual resort. And while GPS technology has given backcountry skiers live updates as to their location, heading, and ultimate destination– the resorts have been mostly left out.

Enter Fluri

Fluri is an app designed to give resort skiers a live view of their day on the slopes, all displayed on a familiar trail map. Instead of overly complicated GPS and satellite views of the ski area, the app employs the ski area’s trusted trail map to show where friends and family are skiing. In addition to the location tracker, the app records speed, vertical feet, runs, and days skied this season.

Note: No more bugging lifties to see how many days you have on your pass!

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The newly released software employs state of the art engineering from Strava, which gives the tracker its accuracy and reliability. Also, the simple trail map interface saves more battery than its GPS counterparts.

So far, the app is free and over 40 resort trail maps are currently included on the app.

Buy the app here: Fluri- Ski & snowboard stats, navigation and friends

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About Fluri

Fluri is an iPhone app that aims to remove frustrations for skiers and riders while they’re out on the mountain so they can get more out of their time on snow. Beyond just recording your stats, we’re focused on what will actually make your day on the mountain better.

While you’re out skiing or riding, Fluri shows you where you are on the resort trail map, not a GPS or satellite view. It also shows you where your friends are moving around the mountain, on that same resort trail map, in real time. This makes it easy to navigate the mountain and keep track of your group so you don’t waste time waiting for them in the wrong place. We know it takes a lot of effort to get on the mountain and we’re focused on helping you get the most out of all the time you have there. It also lets you track your stats like runs, speed, vertical feet, and more. You can review individual activities or your entire season.

Battery life is a big concern for skiers and boarders so we have worked hard to make sure Fluri doesn’t drain your battery like some early tracking apps did. We also have a super simple interface so you can quickly get the info you want and keep your hands warm. It’s built by product and engineering talent from Strava, the gold standard in activity tracking, so you know it’s accurate and can trust the interface will always remain clean and easy to use. It’s free for users since we’re working with resorts to add features that will create a more seamless overall experience for resort guests and provide resorts with some much-needed tools that aren’t possible with the industry’s current software.

We are live in over 40 of the biggest resorts across North America with more added all the time.
Our website is and we can be reached at

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