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While ski gear has evolved from being “EXTREME” to “Technical” since the 1980’s, there has not been, nor will there ever be more stylish gear than those pieces that existed in skiing’s golden years.

Whether or not that means the gear was functionally legit is beyond the point. Whether or not the fashion was legit has proved all important in the 1980’s.

5 Pieces Of 80’s Ski Gear That Made The World Better

5) Scot Schmidt’s North Face Steep Tech Jacket

Steep Tech
Legends only…

Growing up in the 80’s every teenager wanted to ditch his or her race skis, pick up a backpack and head to Chamonix donning Scot Schmidt’s signature jacket titled “Steep Tech.”

4) Bolle Sunglasses

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Nothing says I like to rip than a pair of pink and purple Bollé shades on a skier’s face. Don’t like moguls? Then these aren’t for you…

3) Reusch Racing Gloves

Reusch Ski Gloves
What’s with all the zippers? | Photo Credit:

The coolest gloves in the 80’s were made by Reusch. With ski racing in mind, nothing meant a skier was more badass than having the brand displayed prominently on the index finger. Also, you have to love the inordinate amount of zippers. What are you keeping in the glove?…

2) K2 Extremes

Pictured is Phil Mahre and Glen Plake (not Mike Hattrup) | Photo Credit:

Glen Plake, Phil Mahre, and the Blizzard of Aaahhs– nuff said.

1) Any and All Tight Pants

Tight Pants

Although yoga pants are making a comeback during spring backcountry laps, it’s rare to see a lady at the local aprés spot rocking some tight undergarments that leave nothing to the imagination. While unbearably cold, tight pants were a part of the sexual revolution and women weren’t the only ones rocking them…

They make those in men's sizes Cusack?
They make those in men’s sizes Cusack?

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