Casey Fehlberg has boosted off jumps hundreds of times over the course of his life. However, one such jump landed the 30 year-old snowboarder from Orem, Utah in a medically coma at the University of Utah Medical Center after he fell face first at Park City Mountain Resort on Saturday reports The Daily Herald. Fehlberg reportedly caught his toe edge upon landing and consequently slammed his face into the snow.

In an interview with The Daily Herald, Casey’s broher Marc told one reporter, “They [his friends] were watching, waiting and laughing at first” adding, “They’d seen crashes like this all the time.” However those laughs turned to concern as his friends almost immediately realized something serious had just happened.

After being transported to a nearby ski lodge, Casey Fehlberg was placed in a medically induced coma before being transported to the University of Utah Medical Center.

Photo Credit (+Cover Photo): Casey Fehlberg GoFundMe Page
Photo Credit (+Cover Photo): Casey Fehlberg GoFundMe Page

According to his brother and friends, Casey was known as “Cosmo the Cougar” while attending BYU because like a cat– he always landed on his feet. As of today, Casey Fehlberg is uninsured and a GoFundMe page has been set up to help his family with the medical costs. Also the hashtag #GoBigForCasey has been created to raise awareness for his situation.

*Our thoughts go out to Casey during this trying time

Donate Here: Casey Fehlberg’s Medical Fund