"One Of Your Days" Contest Gives One Shredder The Chance To Win $1000 and Ski With Candide @Verbier

"One Of Your Days" Contest Gives One Shredder The Chance To Win $1000 and Ski With Candide @Verbier


"One Of Your Days" Contest Gives One Shredder The Chance To Win $1000 and Ski With Candide @Verbier


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Everyone dreams of skiing like Candide.

So with that thought in mind, Quicksilver is offering a once in a lifetime contest that allows users to submit their most creative “Candide-esque” videos in a chance to win $1,000 in addition to spending a day ripping around Verbier with the man himself, Candide Thovex! Where is this whole deal going down? According to the contest website, Quicksilver will be on the hook for the winner’s 5 day trip to Verbier as well as a grab bag of the best gear Quicksilver and Faction have to offer.

Does it get any better?

No it certainly does not. However there are four rounds before a final, grand prize winner is chosen as the lucky soul who gets to spend a day ripping with the Michael Jordan of skiing. That’s right, I said it– Candide is the Michael Jordan of skiing.

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Photo Credit: Quicksilver.com

Here’s How To Win…

Round 1: Instagram Qualifier

Think you can keep up with Candide? This time though, we want to see what it’s like to be in your ski boots. It’s time to step into your skis and get creative. Post your craziest POV (point of view) clips to Instagram, hashtag #OneOfYourDays and tag @Quiksilver. Now you’re in the running to win 5 days in Verbier (Switzerland), flights and accommodation and a day skiing with your personal tour guide; Candide Thovex. Can’t be that easy can it? You’re right, it isn’t. This is just Round 1, our expert judge Candide will filter through his favourite clips and select the top 10 entries to advance to Round 2.

Need another excuse to enter, how’s $1000 cold hard cash for the best clip in round 1 sound? What are you waiting for? Enter as many times as you like and make sure you’re older than 13 before hitting the post button.

Round 2: Finalist Videos

So Candide digs the way you handle yourself on 2 skis…Well Instagram was just the beginning. Time to step it up, this is the top 10 and we want to see what you really got. Your job is to put together a one minute shred clip, all in POV, showcasing your best skills on the hill. Now remember, this is Candide we are talking about, you’ll need to be original, add obstacles, find props and most importantly make it fun. Quiksilver will supply a bunch of music tracks for you to use and some motion graphics to throw onto the end of your clip. But the rest is all you and your skis. Winner takes all here so get out there and get creative.

Round 3: Voting The Top 10

More hype = more votes! Drag your crew in from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, heck, pay to get a billboard put up in your hometown. Every vote counts and could be your ticket to becoming the first ever OneOfYourDays Winner!

Round 4: Announce The Winner

Congrats! Now what do you get? We are going to fly you to Verbier (Switzerland) and put you up for 5 days of hardcore skiing. Throw in a box of gear from Quiksilver Snow and Faction Ski’s and you just scored the snow trip of lifetime. Oh wait, did we mention you’ll be skiing a day with your personal tour guide, Candide Thovex! Get ready to enjoy One of Your Days with Candide.

Find more contest information here: One Of Your Days Contest Page

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