Marmot Super Bowl Ad Draws Critism and Praise

Marmot Super Bowl Ad Draws Critism and Praise


Marmot Super Bowl Ad Draws Critism and Praise


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Normally Super Bowl ads are dominated by juggernaut consumer products such as Coca-Cola, Mountain Dew, and Budweiser (see Peyton’s unofficial endorsement here: Budweiser insists it didn’t pay Peyton Manning for that $3.2 million in free advertising).

That said, when thinking about Super Bowl ad space, rarely does an outdoor apparel company come to mind. However this year, Marmot’s owner, Newell Rubbermaid decided to throw the California-based brand into the fray with an ad that is stirring quite a bit of controversy. The ad includes a Marmot and his male companion participating in everything “outdoors”– that is, until things get romantic. After playing all day in the woods the two sit on a bluff and take in a glorious sunset. That’s when the male companion leans in for a kiss and is subsequently slapped by his furry friend pre-smooch. Repulsed, the Marmot replies, “I’m not that kind of Marmot!”

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So far, LGBT groups are saying the ad was blatantly homophobic as well as implying that gay people are somehow into bestiality among other nefarious outdoorsy things. Others are claiming the ad was just plain funny, playing off the bromance that happens in the outdoors and emotions fostered between wildlife and humans after a weekend of camping.


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