Made By Locals: Stio Outdoor Apparel

Made By Locals: Stio Outdoor Apparel


Made By Locals: Stio Outdoor Apparel


Photo Credit: Mark Fisher

Photo Credit: Mark Fisher

Every now and again, a company comes along whose gear makes so much sense, it baffles the mind as to why other companies aren’t doing the same thing.

In the early 2000’s, Cloudveil was one of those companies. Making ski and outdoor apparel that was so functional, fresh, and most of all– durable was what Cloudveil represented. But in 2010, founder and owner Stephen Sullivan sold the company to a private equity firm that included an array of other outdoor apparel companies.

Over time the brand slowly dissolved and disappeared, leaving many skiers, riders, and overall outdoors people wondering where one of their favorite, local companies had gone– Enter Stio in 2012.

Photo Credit: Stio

Photo Credit: Stio

Founder Stephen Sullivan comes back to the game with a fresh brand– named simply and mysteriously– Stio. The new company focuses on providing Teton tested gear based on the premise that if outwear can endure the sub-zero temperatures and gale force winds in the Tetons– that gear can work anywhere.

They were right.

Since its inception in 2012, the company has ski toured thousands of miles (literally) and Sullivan is proving that amazing looking gear can also be more functional than the name brand’s top design platform.

Here are our 3 favorite pieces of Stio gear right now

Snotel Jacket


Weighing in at only 16oz, the Snotel Jacket is the perfect backcountry fit. It provides quality waterproofing through the Toray™ Dermizax system, which will keep your shoulders dry and allow your core to breathe while moving towards the objective.

Environ Ski Pant


This ski pant is the do-it-all ski pant of the new year. With convenient pockets, seamless design, and fully seamed zipper vents that are the gold standard of any quality backcountry ski pant, the Environ Ski Pant is making waves in the outdoor apparel industry. Designed by skiers, this pair of pants is ready to rip side-country, backcountry, or aprés laps without losing a step.

Lofted Sky Insulated Jacket


Before the next ski town Tinder date, ditch the dingy hoody and grab some class. The Lofted Sky jacket will make anyone look slick and sophisticated without looking manufactured. In addition to its stylish appearance, Stio is setting the bar for water-resistant, insulated jackets.

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