5 Ski Bum Caricatures You Will Find In Every Ski Town

5 Ski Bum Caricatures You Will Find In Every Ski Town

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5 Ski Bum Caricatures You Will Find In Every Ski Town


ski_co_picImage from Aspensnowmass.com  

Although no one person is the same, there are some definite caricatures that espouse the ski bum title. Whether or not they are actually ski bums is another issue completely.

Here are the 5 different ski bum caricatures you’re bound to find in a ski town.

5) The Peter Pan

This guy is the real deal. Even after 20 years in a ski town he still parties like he’s 21 and skis like he’s 25. Since he’s never sustained any serious knee or back injury, he’s not jaded and always super stoked. He’ll show you his stash and then throw you a PBR in the parking lot. He may never grow up . With a carpenter’s summer salary and a few bucks here and there doing odd-jobs in the winter, this guy might be the best kind of ski bum… Until he takes your girlfriend.

4) The Retired Rich Guy

Photo: Skistar Trysil/Flickr

Photo: Skistar Trysil/Flickr

Can you really call someone with a 401k, retirement plan, and savings a ski bum? Maybe. However, if you have over 10k in your checking you’re immediately disqualified. But that isn’t stopping Richie Cunningham from claiming that he’s been a ski bum since he retired from Wall Street at the ripe age of 55. Still, ol’ Richie does make good turns– so he’s got that going for him.

3) The College Grad


After their parents spent $200k on 4 years at a private college, the college grad is about to do what he’s always wanted to do– ski everyday. Although they’ll only hang around for 3 years max, this ski bum will claim local status after a single year and tell you how he knows the backcountry like the endorsement side of his parent’s Christmas checks.

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2) The Faker


These characters are decked head to toe in Patagonia, they have a voile strap for their skis, and look like they have a clue. Chances are they spent a single season in a ski town but now live in a nearby metropolitan area slanging life insurance to poor schmucks.

1) The Crusty Old Guy

This image is too classic

He skis harder than most, and drinks more than you. He’s sitting at the end of the most oldschool bar in town and talking to the head bartender who is one of his best friends. However, if you catch this guy on a bad day in the wrong place, chances are he’s gonna lose it. He’ll call you an idiot to your face and push you off the bootpack– all of which I love.

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