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 from has put together a great instructional piece on how to build a wood burning hot tub. These tubs are also known as hillbilly hot tubs and can be build by just about anyone.

Wood-fired Hot Tub

Perfect for 6-10 friends.  It can be carried in the back of a small pickup truck.  It takes about 3 hours to get up to temperature and cost about $650.


-55 gallon closed steel barrel ($30)

-Barrel stove conversion kit ($50)

-14 2″ x 4″ x 8″ firebricks ($30)

-2 2 foot sections of 6 inch black stove pipe ($13 each)

-50 feet of 1/2 inch flexible copper pipe ($80)

-10 feet of 1/2 inch rigid copper pipe ($15)

-10 1/2 inch straight pipe fittings ($5)

-10 1/2 inch elbow pipe fittings ($5)

-plumbing solder and flux ($5)

-Rubbermaid 300 gallon stock tank ($300)

-1/2 horsepower centrifugal water pump ($40)

-10 foot garden hose ($15)

-1 foot 3/4″ CPVC pipe ($5)

-assorted fittings to connect tub to pump and stove with garden hoses ($50)

-ground fault switch to turn on pump ($15)


-jigsaw with metal blade for cutting holes in barrel

-hacksaw for cutting pipe


-slip-jaw wrench

-drill with sharp drill bits

-propane torch for soldering pipes

-shop vacuum with blower attachment (optional)


-socket set

Link to instructions