Stocking Stuffer: The Spanky (Your Goggles Will Thank You Later)

Stocking Stuffer: The Spanky (Your Goggles Will Thank You Later)


Stocking Stuffer: The Spanky (Your Goggles Will Thank You Later)


Frustrated with the tiny little wipes that goggle companies give you with your new pair of spherical lenses? Leave the mini wipes for the inside of your pasta-covered microwave and grab the The Spanky instead.

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Founded in Crested Butte and now currently located in Jackson Hole, The Spanky was made by shredders who hated stopping to clean their goggles with mini leftover napkins and mini microfiber cloths that were not only inferior in their quality but too small to make any real impact on those all-time storm days we all love.

“I was laughing yesterday when the guy in front of me in the lift line was trying to wipe his goggles with the wet cleanex they provide (it was snowing hard)…thank God for the Spanky! It beats wiping your goggles with a wet napkin left in your pocket from lunch.”Andrew Shipman

Essentially an oversized “hanky,” there’s little to nothing a Spanky can’t take care of. Foggy goggles? The Spanky has you! Raining instead of snowing? Yep covers that too!

Not to mention, The Spanky comes with 100 different trail maps to choose from.

No matter if you’re a grom or a gaper with a speedometer in your goggles, the Spanky takes care of us all.

Find your’s here: The Spanky “The Original Sports Hanky”

The Spanky Story

Spanky Sports, inc., owned and operated by snowsports enthusiasts, is located in Jackson Hole, WY. The adventure began when Shawn Patrick Cooper rode the Red Lady Chair in Crested Butte, CO, on a windy, snowy day. Shawn struggled to read his torn paper map, fold it in time to exit the lift, while using disintegrating tissues to clean his goggles. Shawn wondered why he couldn’t just clean his goggles with his map. It was in this moment of frustration that the Spanky was born.

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