Iranian Ski Police Will Enforce Segregation Of Men and Woman On Chair Lifts

Iranian Ski Police Will Enforce Segregation Of Men and Woman On Chair Lifts


Iranian Ski Police Will Enforce Segregation Of Men and Woman On Chair Lifts


Dizin_Hotel_viewDizin ski resort, Iran (Cover image by: Hossein Zohrevand)

Yes, you read that correctly. According to The Telegraph, Iranian police have been deployed to ski resorts north of Tehran to keep women separated from men as well as enforce the Hijab.

Although the police presence in the area is to mainly enforce the Hijab, police officials are not shying away from other Islamic laws such as Ikhtilat (the separation of men and women that are not bound by family ties). For those of you not familiar with the Hijab, the Hijab is an Islamic law that forbids any women from appearing in public without her face covered by “a specific form of veil.”

And they’re not talking the customary Buff, they’re talking a traditional veil.

The reaction from police, which is represented by General Hossein Sajadinia, portrays a fierce stance in favor of strict Islamic rule in a mountainous region that is known to be a safe haven for relaxation. However, Sajadinia has pledged to “prevent any immoral offenses by the skiers.”

He went on to describe his dedication to providing his moral police with the equipment they need. So far, he has equipped those enforcing the code with gear that will “withstand the mountainous conditions and yet be flexible enough to arrest offenders while chasing them on the slopes.”  Renegade going OB?

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Furthermore, it’s perceived as common practice that women shed some of their traditional restrictions on the mountain such as brushing aside veils within on-mountain restaurants in the hopes of grabbing some alpine sunlight on a beautiful day.

Tehran’s police commander thinks otherwise.

Instead, Sajadinia has trained a number of female officers to “carry out their vigilante duties of dealing with women who defy the Islamic hijab and those members of the public who play loud music while mixing with the opposite sex.”

Sounds like High Camp @Squaw would be a bad place for this guy to hang out…

Nevertheless, the current trends and actions mark a stark opposition to a relaxed administration from president Hassan Rouhani. Maybe if Rouhani mandated his police move to places of larger interest (ISIS/ISIL?), his police force would be using their time more wisely.

Read the entire Telegraph Article here: Iran deploys ski police at country’s slopes enforce segregation of men and women

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