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This fall, Sweetgrass and Patagonia took their film ‘Jumbo Wild’ on tour and so far the reception has been staggering.

Today, Patagonia is offering the full length feature via iTunes, Vimeo on Demand, and Amazon. All of the proceeds will go towards Wildsight, an advocacy group that is hoping to keep the Jumbo area ecologically sustainable for years to come.

Just One Of The Reasons To Keep Jumbo Wild
Just One Of The Reasons To Keep Jumbo Wild

Help In The Fight Here: KEEP JUMBO WILD

Rent or Purchase The Full Length Movie via Vimeo On DemandiTunes or Amazon

About Wildsight

For over 25 years, Wildsight has been recognized as a leader in large-scale conservation, sustainable community initiatives and environmental education. While our work focuses on the Kootenay region, and has received recognition from the communities in which we work, we are renowned throughout the province and across Canada for our effective conservation programs, excellence and innovation in all that we do. 

Wildsight manages its fiscal responsibilities transparently and effectively, while providing healthy working conditions for staff, contractors and volunteers. We create opportunities for community members to address changing environmental issues creatively and effectively. Wildsight strives to ensure sustainability practices in the areas of people, community building, finances and carbon emissions.

Our Ethical Purchasing Framework informs all of our consumptive decisions. We weigh every buying decision, whether it is about printing, catering, accounting, design or any other goods and services, prioritizing local businesses and ethically sourced produces. We know we have a footprint; we just try to make sure it lands in our own backyard!

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