Avalanche Courses Are Now Available On The Interwebs

Avalanche Courses Are Now Available On The Interwebs


Avalanche Courses Are Now Available On The Interwebs



Looks like Salomon and Atomic Skis beat the University of Phoenix to the punch on this one.

‘Mountain Academy’ is a brand-new, online-base, interactive avalanche education system that seeks to make backcountry knowledge more accessible via the world-wide-web.

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So far, the curriculum is divided into two courses. The first course seems to have a focus on basic avalanche concepts for beginners that include but are not limited to: misinformation, responsibility, snow/weather, terrain, the human factor, gear, risk management, and mountain rescue. 

Course 2 takes those ready to explore deeper into the backcountry and builds on the fundamentals developed in Course 1. The elements of study are relatively the same with more in depth explanations and expanded scenarios for backcountry skiers traveling in avalanche terrain.

The comprehensive curriculum, which includes both courses has all of the following:

  • 90+ videos
  • Practice Questions To Test Comprehension
  • Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile Friendly Platforms

Both courses are priced at only $29 and all proceeds from those participating in the coursework will go to non-profit organizations such as avalanche centers and forecasters across the globe.

All that education might keep you out of this skier’s boots…

NOTE: Nothing beats live, in the field experience. Look to local avalanche resources and take an accredited Avalanche Course in addition to any online work through the Mountain Academy.

What you'll look like if you don't get out in the field

What you’ll look like if you don’t get out in the field

Find Out More Here: Mountain Academy

And don’t forget watch this sick avalanche footage from Stjernøy, Norway:

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