Arc'teryx Enters The Hardgoods Game With Touring Boot and Airbag Pack

Arc'teryx Enters The Hardgoods Game With Touring Boot and Airbag Pack


Arc'teryx Enters The Hardgoods Game With Touring Boot and Airbag Pack


Photo Credit: Arc'teryx

Photo Credit: Arc’teryx

Known for its function directed designs, Arc’teryx has been making quality outerwear for skiers since 1989. However in 2016, the company will offer something different. For the first time in the company’s history, they will offer their first pieces of ‘hardgood’ equipment with an alpine touring boot as well as an avalanche oriented backpack that comes fully equipped with fan-powered airbag.

Sound familiar?

It should because Black Diamond introduced the Jet Force backpack this past year and unfortunately had to recall a number of them due to what the Salt Lake based company refered to as “system malfunctions.” Luckily nobody was hurt as a result of the systematic issue.

Knowing Arc’teryx and the quality product they are recognized for manufacturing, I imagine they’ve gotten this new backpack dialed in. 

In what they are calling the Voltair Avalanche Airbag, Arc’teryx has put 5 years of product testing behind the pack as well as 28 patents pending to its name. The company hopes that the new backpack will revolutionize the airbag market by offering a backpack that is lighter and more functional than traditional ABS packs and more cold resistant than the BD JetForce Pack. The lithium battery is removable and has the power to inflate the airbag up to 8 times. That innovation is particularly notable because practicing the use of ABS packs proved expensive and labor intensive.

The price of one of these exploder packs? Somewhere between $1,250-$1,359, depending on if you want a 20 or 30 liter model.

Along with the backpack, they will offer 6 models of the same boot. Designed and manufactured with the help of Salomon, the ‘Procline’ ski boot is currently being billed as an equal parts climbing and skiing AT boot. With a two piece rear cuff, the new boot will allow for horizontal motion in addition to generous forward and rear flexes.

The 6 models will be differentiated by the materials used in each boot’s construction. Currently there are three different types of shells (Proline Carbon, Proline, and Proline Women’s), which can be joined with two different liners. One of the liners boasts climbing ability (light and softer) while the other espouses downhill performance (heavier and stiffer).

The weight on these bad boys? 2.6 lbs for the Proline Carbon with the lighter liner and 2.8 lbs for the standard Procline with the stiff liner.

And the Price? $1,000 for the Procline Carbon and $750 for the stand Procline (women’s and men’s versions). 

Whatever the case, the Vancouver based company is about to disrupt the market with its hard goods entrance. Now we’ll have to wait and see how each of the following products performs after being put through the ringer of a 100+ day ski season.

I think they’ll come out the other side ready for another…

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