The Ski Bum Gift Guide | 10 Gifts Any Skier Will Love

The Ski Bum Gift Guide | 10 Gifts Any Skier Will Love


The Ski Bum Gift Guide | 10 Gifts Any Skier Will Love


Forget Black Friday. Why not just Cyber instead… Not that kind of cyber.

That ‘cyber’ was reserved for AOL chatrooms in the early 90’s and included phrases such as Female seeking female, when in fact teenage boys were talking to teenage boys. This monday is ‘cyber’ monday and is the no bullshit alterantive to Black Friday. Chances are, ski bums will forget Christmas presents for their parents anyway but that doesn’t mean they can’t get themselves a gift with all the tip money from stressed out destination skiers.

Unofficial Gift Guide for 2015

Ski Pole Toilet Plunger

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Ski Pole Plunger is a truly timeless and highly functional home decor piece, perfect for any bathroom. Great for condos, cabins, houses and apartments.

Booster Straps

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Other than a good pair of socks, there may not be a more game changing piece of gear for one’s ski boots than a pair of Booster Straps. And although some ski boots are now equipped with their own versions of the timeless classic, most still lack the replacement strap that adds stiffness and performance to any ski boot.

Marker Kingpin Binding

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Quite possibly the most revolutionary tech binding invented since Dynafit’s Radical TLT, Marker Kingpin 13 Binding offers the strength and lightweight character of a tech binding with a traditional step in heel piece that is TUV certified for its release qualities. Basically, it’s as reliable on the downhill as it is on the uphill.

Voile XXL Straps

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A 32” Voile Ski Strap is a multi use workhorse of a tool, that weighs almost nothing. Whether building a ski sled for a rescue in the backcountry or simply strapping your skis together for an effortless carry, these ski straps have been used by ski bums for decades and will continue to be used long into the future.

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Gorilla Tape- Popular Mechanics

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Rated by Popular Mechanics as the strongest duct tape on the market, Black Gorilla Tape is what you want for a quick jacket patch or binding fix. If you’re willing to get McGiver on it, basically any problem is solvable with a whole roll of Duct Tape.

Backcountry Access B-2 Shovel

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Headquartered in Boulder, CO beneath one of the most volatile snowpacks in the world, BCA continues to manufacture quality avalanche gear that all sprang from their revolutionary Tracker beacon. However, BCA is keeping up with the times and their Backcountry Access B-2 Shovel is leading the pack in the shovel category in strength to weight ratio as well as packing conveniently in one’s pack.

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MaxxDry Boot, Shoe and Glove Dryer XL

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There’s nothing worse than a pair of soggy boots awaiting you before a pow day. So cut out that possibility by throwing those bear traps on a MaxxDry Boot, Shoe and Glove Dryer XL over night, giving you a dry pair that are ready to shred in the morning.

Pit Viper Sunglasses: The Mericka Mirror

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Demand respect and authority.

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Stanley Vacuum Bottle

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There are a lot of imitators but only one tried and true mug that’s stuck around since 1913. Stanley Classic Vacuum Bottle will keep coffee, chocolate, or soup hot for up to 6 hours. Not to mention, the bottle has a lifetime warranty as well. Bottom line, nothing compares to vacuum technology when trying to keep drinks hot and fresh.

Hestra Vertical Cut Freeride Glove

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The Hestra Vertical Cut Freeride Glove
is simply our favorite ski glove. What we like about these gloves is that they provide good warm and great dexterity. And hey, they’re made from swedish goat leather.

Wooden Ski Growth Chart


Got a little aspiring ski bum in the family? How about one of these Wooden Ski Growth Chart By Growth Chart Art .

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