'Trivia Lift' A Quiz-Based Game Show Like 'Cash Cab' Hosted on Chairlifts

'Trivia Lift' A Quiz-Based Game Show Like 'Cash Cab' Hosted on Chairlifts


'Trivia Lift' A Quiz-Based Game Show Like 'Cash Cab' Hosted on Chairlifts



Colorado skier Kelly Robinson has come up with a concept for a new TV show called Trivia Lift. The show is similar to the wildly popular Cash Cab in that unsuspecting people answer trivia questions with mounting cash values before they reach their destination. The only difference with that Trivia Lift take place on a chairlift instead of a New York City cab.


What is Trivia Lift?

Trivia Lift is a quiz-based game show hosted on resort chairlifts; contestants are asked a series of questions on the lift ride up. The higher they go, the harder the questions get. Miss three questions and you’re headin’ back down the mountain. Miss two or less and you win cash at the top!

Oh yea… and I’ve got two members from the original Cash Cab production team ready to put Trivia Lift together!

Timeline and end goal of Trivia Lift?

We are filming three days in March of 2016 at a ski resort in Summit County, Colorado. The goal of Trivia Lift is to produce a quality pilot episode to pitch to larger media entities to be picked up for its first season, once picked up Trivia Lift travels to different resorts around the country to film the show…maybe even your home mountain! Simply put: I want you to be able to enjoy this show for years to come.

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The “nuts and bolts” of the show:

How Does Trivia Lift work? Skiers and Snowboarders ride the chairlift up with the host, Kelly Robinson. All contestants on the chairlift work as a team and elect one person to answer. Progressively harder questions are asked during the lift ride up. The team must answer all the questions correctly with two strikes or less to win cash at the top of the lift. Miss three questions and you get nothing but an awkward chairlift ride back down the mountain…Chairlift of shame.

Features of the game:

The Higher the Harder: The questions will be easier for the first half of the lift, worth $25 bucks a pop. The second half will be harder, worth $50 each. The last two lift towers before the top exit point will be the hardest at $100 each (though the amounts may change if the show gets picked up).

You can find out more about ‘Trivia Lift’ and back their Kickstarter project here

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