Significant Winter Storm Headed For The Alps

Significant Winter Storm Headed For The Alps


Significant Winter Storm Headed For The Alps


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According to Meteo Morris from, a monster storm is about to impact the alps starting on Friday. So far, Chamonix has the largest projected snowfall totals with up to 96cm (37.7 inches) falling by the end of this weekend!

The others following suit will be Paradiski with 79cm, Lötschental with 78cm, and Courmayeur with 77cm.

This is the first significant storm to impact the region since October and the snowfall is a welcome sign for skiers and boarders in the alps. Also, it indicated a moving jet-stream that is heading right for the central alps, which typically leave Chamonix as well as Swiss resorts covered in snow!

However, this new snow is falling on ice and/or sugar that does not bode well for avalanche danger down the line!

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